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Jing Huang
The Pottery Supply House Clay or Glass Supply Grant for $500

Jing Huang is a ceramic artist and sculptor currently based in Toronto, Ontario. She was born and raised in China, and received her BFA from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in 2012, and her Advanced Diploma in ceramics from Sheridan College in 2015. Jing is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Harbourfront Centre.
Jing’s explorations are guided by new experiences that come from living in an unfamiliar landscape, meeting different people and experiencing new cultures. In her practice, Jing is currently exploring the concepts of nature, loss, and dislocation.

Jing asks, “If the distance between China and Canada is 7723 km, then what is the distance between the previous me, and the current me? If there are 12 hours between home and here, what time is it for me now?” Jing’s practice attempts to work with these questions, at the intersection of her old life meeting her new one, the moment intimately close. Working with old and new simultaneously, Jing works with the experience of distance between the present and future.

Jing’s works are the voice and imagination of her life outside her country. They record the feelings and changes in her life. Reassembling these observations are her key to making sculpture, her way to Shi Wai Tao Yuan, her Shangri-la.



Craft Awards 2015

Craft Ontario is pleased to congratulate the 2015 Craft Awards Recipients!

CRAFT AWARDS celebrate and recognize excellence, and since 1981 the program has supported over 500 emerging to established craft professionals in all disciplines. We invite you to take a closer look at the outstanding work of the 2015 Craft Awards recipients below, as well as find out more about their perspectives and processes.

The Craft Awards program is made possible through the generous support of the following donors and contributors: The RBC Foundation, the Craft Ontario Volunteer Committee, the One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale, Kingcrafts, The Pottery Supply House, Tuckers Pottery Supplies Ltd., the Women’s Association of the Mining Industry of Canada, A & M Wood Specialty Inc., Lacy and Co. Ltd, and the Copeland, Walker, Gregor, Yung, McPherson, Robertson and Diamond Butts families.

Jesse Bromm Marie-Eve G Magdolene Dykstra Stephanie Flowers
Renato Foti Sarah Hall Cassic Ho Carey Jernigan
Joon Hee Kim Simon Kitz K Claire Lindsay Montgomery
Shawna Munro Dani Ortman Mary Philpott Shay Salehi
Nurielle Stern Katrina Tompkins Jake Whillans Cheryl Wilson Smith
Andrée Chénier
Craft Ontario Volunteer Committee Emerging Professional Award for $2,000

From childhood, Andrée Chénier would gather interesting items from nature walks. Today, she is often compelled to collect treasures she has discovered along the way. For many of us, the desire to keep mementos of nature close at hand inspires us; they not only serve as reminders of beauty, but also of the feelings we experience when we first encountered them.

Historical jewellery forms like memento mori, étuits (for chatelaines), lockets and perfume rings, were designed to store utilitarian or meaningful objects close to the body. Andrée draws inspiration from such pieces to create jewellery that connect us to nature. The object, whether it be an unusual stone, the twist of a branch, a flower petal, or a feather, is not only visually present in the design, but is also often contained within the piece itself. 



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