Dayna Gedney

Recipient of the Don McKinley Award for Excellence in Wood

Dayna Gedney was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. After years of material and media exploration she made a few crude bookcases out of necessity, and she hasn’t looked back. Dayna is a 2013 graduate of the Sheridan College Furniture Craft and Design Program.

Dayna’s work focuses on rational structural design and the interaction of geometric shapes. Functionality is central to her designs, leading the simplicity of form. Often the details are what excite Dayna about her design process, using transitional lines and repetition to create unity as well as to create points of interest in a piece. Dayna is focused on creating well-made and thoughtfully designed furniture, developing work that will last aesthetically as well as physically.

Dayna is a supporter of locally made design, which often dictates material choices and finishes. When working on commissions, she hopes to empower clients, educating them in regards to materials and finishes and how they directly affect local industry and the environment as a whole. Dayna hopes to petition ownership from others regarding the choices they make. Dayna loves working with clients and collaborators, believing one of the best parts of the design process is what we can share with each other. Creating a participatory experience with clients, and an explorative, united experience with collaborators.

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