Meghan Price

Recipient of the Craft Ontario Volunteer Committee Scholarship

Meghan Price was born and raised in Montreal and now lives in Toronto where she teaches in the Fibre Department at OCAD University. She holds a degree in Textile Construction from The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles and an MFA from Concordia University. Meghan’s work has been exhibited in Canada and the U.S., Turkey, Ukraine, Italy, Cuba, Sweden, Argentina and Australia. She is currently in residence at Open Studio as the 2012/13 Donald O’Born Family Scholarship recipient.

Her work marries textile construction techniques with the contemplation of less tangible systems. This process of artistic inquiry is motivated by wonder in relation to the complexity of our world, by skepticism in the face of certainty and by points where her medium and the practice of science intersect. Textile construction has the capacity to perform activities of scientific inquiry: collecting, recording and organizing. These actions, along with scientific records, are Meghan’s respective means and a point of departure from which to explore complexity, uncertainty and flux.

Meghan also designs jacquard woven scarves and shawls sold under the name String Theory. These textiles relate closely to her wire lace sculptures and print work. Patterns and systems in nature and science also provide conceptual and aesthetic inspiration for her wearable, woven textiles.

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