Tomas Rojcik

Recipient of the A & M Wood Specialty Inc. Wood Supply Grant

Objects exist in, and are contextualized by, their environment, and this extends beyond the architecturally-determined, to include aspects of nature and the ecological. Objects also serve the everyday, where people find meaning in their daily habits and routines, yet at the same time, it can seek the transcendent and the extraordinary.

As a recent Sheridan College Furniture graduate, Tomas is drawn to things that are not necessarily categorized as furniture and incorporate natural and man-made materials to extend and enhance the warmth and tactile potential of wood. His working process embraces both digital and traditional techniques, engaging a bridge for discovery.

Tomas seeks to make things that have never before existed, and which speak not just to him as a designer/maker, but that call forth a wordless interaction for others. He aims to meet needs that people might not yet have recognized or articulated themselves; solving problems and evoking an emotional response.

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