Vanessa Yanow

Recipient of the Helen Frances Gregor Scholarship

Vanessa Yanow is an artist who works with textiles, flame worked glass and found objects. She has received numerous grants and scholarships, and has been reviewed and featured in many North American publications as an exceptional fine craftsperson. Her BFA in Paint from RISD points back to a grounding in the visual arts, lending her work a unique strength that defies categorization. Her work has been shown in museums in Canada, and in galleries and art fairs internationally. Her work is also part of the city of Montreal’s permanent collection and in the Musée National des Beaux Arts in Québec City.

Vanessa recently embarked on a new series called Collaborating with Her Story. She collects unfinished anonymous textile-based hobby projects, documents them, and then transforms them into finished sculptures. She is the final chapter in a story that unexpectedly stopped in time. Though separated from the author by time, culture, and even age, the process of transforming these objects allows her to cross the boundaries that continue to persist between art and craft, the past and present, the young and elderly, what is old and new, technology and handmade, and between traditional techniques and conceptual art practices.

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