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Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller will discuss textile manufacturing processes and how textile applications impact diverse environments and communities. A consideration of the pros and cons of sustainable and non-sustainable textiles and applications will be examined, as well as alternative ways in which design, craft and sustainable initiatives can make space for viable social and environmental alternatives.

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Rachel Miller is an artist, educator, design consultant, and researcher from New York. She received her MFA in Fiber from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and her BFA in at the University of the Arts.  She is currently Head of the Textiles Program/ Professor at Sheridan College.

Rachel lectures on textile design, fiber and material studies, and sustainable practices, and has taught at Pratt Institute, University of the Arts, Fashion Institute of Technology, Penland School of Crafts, and Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India. In addition, she has worked with local designers and artisans in India to develop products that preserve traditional techniques while incorporating contemporary design. She continues to conduct seminars at the Fashion Institute of Technology in sustainable practices including: material sourcing, natural dyeing, and eco labels. 

Rachel's artwork focuses on environmental patterns and how they interconnect with our own patterns of growth, departure, and rejuvenation. Using both the body and landscape as cynosure and subject, she coalesces topics from ritual, archeology, architecture, travel, ecology, textiles, and nature.  Her works, which include sculpture, installation, performance and garment, examine the constant resurfacing of the past, and its integration with the present.  

Her work has been exhibited nationally, and internationally, and she has participated in numerous artist residencies. She has been published in Studio Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, Bangaluru Pages, and Hand/Eye Magazine.












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