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Alex Kinsley

Kinsley’s work explores his personal and cultural identity defined by the environment of Hamilton, ON. His recent work, Iron Identity evokes and commemorates this identity through the use of oxides, coarse finishing, and the use of steel.


Knotwork: Sandy Lamb & Miriam Parkman (March 9 - April 21, 2024)

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March 9 - April 21, 2024
Reception: Saturday, March 9 from 2-4pm - RSVP here (not required, but appreciated!)
Craft Ontario Gallery, 1106 Queen Street West, Toronto

‘Knotwork’ is a collaboration between Montreal-based artist Sandy Lamb and Stockholm-based artist Miriam Parkman. In 2019 we met online and the seeds for our partnership were planted; it grew throughout the pandemic. There were elements of our practices that we shared in common: natural forms, subjects, and colours; wool; dyeing; tapestry. There were also distinctions, with Sandy working primarily in weft-faced flat weaving, and Miriam working in rya, a traditional Swedish hand-knotted rug technique. Miriam's organic, textured forms, intuitive blending, feel for colour, and improvisation are contrasted with Sandy's abstracted, geometric, and calculated approach. Without abandoning our individual impulses, we allowed ourselves to be influenced by each other during the course of the collaboration. As we each pursued our own projects between 2019 and 2024, we kept in touch online, sharing inspirations, and maintaining a conversation. The works that make up this exhibition trace the trajectory of our cross-pollination, the knotting together of two artists from different places.

Sandy Lamb has been weaving since 2011. His practice is focused mostly on weft faced tapestry weaving. In 2018 he expanded his practice to include natural dyeing. He attended two years of a BFA at Concordia University in 2005-2007, and returned to study at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles in 2014. Since 2015 he has kept a rigorous studio practice and works on a commission basis for private and commercial clients while always pursuing a more exhibition oriented practice. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Room68 in Provincetown, MA, in October 2023 and in Toronto in December, 2020. In April 2023 Sandy Lamb was invited to contribute a piece to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal in support of their foundation. His work has been featured in notable publications including the Guild of Canadian Weaver's quarterly publication, VAV Magasinet in Sweden, the Warp & Weft online publication, and the Globe & Mail.

Miriam Parkman is a handweaver and textile artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated from Handarbetets Vänner school in 2016 after three years of weaving and needle work studies. That same year, the weaving collective Studio Supersju was founded with Miriam being one of seven founding members. Today, the group of six independent weavers exhibit and make public commissions together. In June, the group is to install a 2x5 meter hand woven tapestry in Stockholm City Hall to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the building. Collaborative work has been formative in Miriam’s practice since the start - pairing well with the ancient history of weaving as a knowledge passed down and developed from people to people throughout the ages. Miriam finds her inspiration in colour - from 1940s-1960s aesthetics and natural landscapes to everyday objects and life itself. Her main techniques are rya and tapestry, where the mind and hand can work together in an instant motion, creating freely on the open surface of the loom.

Knotwork: Sandy Lamb & Miriam Parkman

 Installation photos by Jocelyn Reynolds. Click here to view full album on Flickr.


Sandy Lamb acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. 

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