Craft Year 2020 is a year-long celebration of contemporary fine craft. It is a national festival promoting events from all across the country, and an opportunity to create craft events and activities, or simply re-brand existing programming for Craft Year. This could include exhibitions, workshops, festivals, studio tours and more.

Craft Year is an ongoing initiative rooted in education, connection, and dialogue about the world of craft. It is a path to forging new connections between craft artists, supporters, and the public at large. 

CRAFT YEAR 2020 Will:

  • Encourage craft artists and arts based organizations to make new connections 
  • Increase craft exploration and investment through new opportunities and public events
  • Foster craft activity, awareness and recognition in unexpected places!

Professional craft artists, curators, collectors, community organizers, teachers, or any lovers of all things craft can take part in the event. You can participate by attending or hosting an event, becoming a Craft Council Member or collaborating and connecting with the movement.

Craft based events are happening across Canada all year long. Search for events in your area, and register your own events in the database. Workshops, gallery openings, studio tours, anything that features professional craft and encourages public engagement with this diverse form of art can be a Craft Year event.

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Formerly the Ontario Crafts Council, Craft Ontario is a not-for-profit service organization that works to have craft recognized as a valuable part of life. We promote and celebrate professional craft through providing member opportunities, and advocate for craft practice by educating and empowering diverse audiences.