Craft Awards

Khadija Aziz
Craft Ontario Volunteer Committee Scholarship for Undergraduates

Khadija Aziz is a Toronto-based digital textile artist and educator. She is currently an undergraduate student at OCAD University and works at the Textile Museum of Canada in the Education department. She makes glitch art by transforming original images through a back-and-forth relationship between the hand and digital ways of distortion. Through this process-based practice, she creates unexpected surface outcomes by playing with chance. Her quest is to further investigate glitch art and the digital aesthetic, and then translate her glitch art on to textiles. Glitch art is usually seen with the barrier of screens; she invites people to experience glitch art in an intimate way.

As a process-based artist, Aziz's work explores the hybridization of traditional mediums and digital technologies through intuitive experimentation of the interrelationships between a variety of mediums, surfaces, and technological approaches. This type of intentional play is important to her because the process dictates the outcome, while she as the artist determine the guidelines. She considers traditional techniques of textile art in defining her own methodology of digital design, which includes the manipulation of textile art before and after digital printing.


Influx (Source)
Digital print of original gouache painting, Seed beads, Embroidery thread, 5.08" x 8.89", 2019

Influx (Quilt)
Digital print of distorted Influx (Source) on cotton sateen, Polyester thread, Silk thread,
Cotton sateen backing, Poly-cotton batting, 40.64" x 50.8", 2019

Arrival (Process #4)
Inkjet print on cotton poplin, Glass beads size 11/0 and Bugle, 20.32" x 25.4", 2019

Slippery Space
Digital print of glitched painting, Rubbing alcohol, Cotton, Silk organza, Paper, 30.48" x 81.28", 2019

Digital print of original glitch art on cotton sateen, Polyester stuffing, Polyester thread, 38.1" x 48.26", 2018

Digital printed on cotton sateen, Screen-printed, 43.18" x 43.18", 2019

Digital printed on cotton sateen, Screen-printed, Video projection, 43.18" x 43.18", 2019

The Living Buta (installation)
Digital scan of physical and digital manipulations of a photograph of Buta paisley motif, Digitally printed on paper, Cottons and cotton sateen. 21.59" x 27.94" - 40.64" x 71.12", 2018

The Living Buta
Digital scan of physical and digital manipulations of a photograph of Buta paisley motif
Digitally printed on cotton sateen. 40.64" x 71.12", 2018

Temporary Home
Digital print of glitched polychromatic print, Silk organza, 40.64" x 77.47", 2018

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