Alice Yujing Yan is originally from China where she received a BFA degree in animation. In Canada she decided to study jewellery and began metalsmithing at NSCAD University, receiving a BFA in Jewellery Design in 2014.Yan has shown her work through North American and Asian. She was accepted into Harbourfront Centre’s Artist-in-Residence program in 2014. Yan now is a full time jeweller at JJStudio, Toronto, Canada.

Her work is inspired by modern architecture and, in particular, minimalism. She forms each shape out of flat sheet of copper, and fabricates them together. It allows her to explore form that is both representative of architectural elements that she loves and her inner most emotional feelings. The use of color is prevalent in her work for its symbolic meaning and emotive qualities. She mainly uses power coating and enamelling technique to apply colors on the piece, and it will give a very different texture looking. She creates jewellery that is very personal and emotional, and she also believes that there must be connections between the artist and the viewer through the art production.  


Post Sculpture-ism
Sterling silver, copper, steel. Powder coat, 30.48 W x 30.48 H, 2016

Red House
Copper, steel. Enamel, 4.6 W x 3.3 D x 7.5 H, 2015

Copper, steel, watercolor paint, Enamel, 3.6 W x 1.7 D x 7.8 H, 2015

Copper, steel, fish wire. Enamel, 9.6 W x 3.5 D x 41.9 H, 2018

Tower of Five
Copper, steel. Powder coat. 25.4 W X 2.3 D x7.62 H, 2017

Metamorphosis 03
Sterling silver, copper, steel. Powder coat. 3.81 W x 3.1 D x 10.16 H, 2017

Metamorphosis 01
Sterling silver, copper, steel, resin. Powder coat. 4.4 W x 2.1 D x 4.4 H, 2017

Copper, steel. Powder coat. 3.81 W X 3.81 D x 5.6 H, 2018

Copper, steel. Powder coat. 3.5 W x 2.3 D x 4.5 H, 2018

Copper, steel. Enamel, 4.5 W x 3.9 D x 38.7 H, 2015

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