Craft Awards

Shuang Feng
2014 AWARD: Craft Ontario Volunteer Committee Undergraduate Scholarship

Shuang Feng fell in love with working in metal through a solder attempt that stubbornly failed to flow. Feng is currently studying jewelry design and metalsmithing at OCAD University. Feng was attracted to metal working by the tenacity and fluidity of metal, making use of variety of techniques in an approach to creative practice. Feng is interested in expressing social issues as well as personal feelings. The visual language in Feng’s work is developed through experimenting with materials and exploring identity.



Commitment-Vincent Van Gogh
Anodized Niobium, Sterling Silver, Nickel-Brass-Copper Mokume Gane, Copper, Niage & Sakushando Patina,
Gold Leaf, Paper with enamel paint, Gloss Finish

Beautiful Root
Sterling Silver, Pink Sapphire, Diamond. Soldering, ball bur texturing, tub setting, flush setting

Ruby Ring
Sterling silver, Ruby, Diamond. Soldering, Prong setting, flush setting

Modern Age Brooch
Sterling silver, Brass, Copper. Solder, Marriage of Metal, Piercing, Patination

Precious Food (spoon)
96 silver, CZ. Alloy making, Forging, Flush Setting

Sterling silver, Copper, Walnut wood. Soldering, Fusing, HIngers making, Wood forming

Neck piece
Sterling silver. Patination, soldering, riveting

Shower Head Earrings
Sterling silver. Soldering, wire forming

Flower Pot Earrings
Sterling silver. Doming, Cone forming, soldering. Fusing

Transformation Neckpiece
Fine silver, Sterling silver, Brass, Acrylic, Felt, Amethyst, Opal. Soldering, bezel setting, tap & die,
Laser cutting, riveting, patination

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