Craft Awards

Rob Raeside
Pattie Walker Memorial Award in Architectural Glass

Rob Raeside’s work exemplifies making the complex appear simple. His earliest exposure to glass was observing the refined shapes of mid-century Scandinavian designs from Kosta Boda and Orrefers. Raeside continues to draw inspiration from classic forms, spheres, cylinders and cones. He has an inherent knowledge of his material and through refined technique skillfully manipulates glass to create playful pieces and elegant objects. His extensive colour palate favours both subdued shades and lustrous hues.

Rob Raeside assembles his forms and shapes in configurations that are best viewed in groupings where the repeated elements, colours and contours create beautiful patterns and arrangements. Rob Raeside has been working with glass since 2008. He studied at Sir Sanford Fleming College and Sheridan College, and was accepted as an Artist-in-Residence in the Craft & Design Studio (Glass) in 2018.


Studies in Texture
Blown, wheel engraved glass; Tallest - 27 cm x 12 cm; 2019

Blown, Wheel engraved, Flame polished glass; Tallest, 26cm x 18cm; 2019

Blown, wheel engraved, fire polished glass; Tallest, 24cm x 13cm; 2019

Untitled, layered vessel
Blown, wheel engraved glass; 23 cm x 14 cm; 2019

Brushstroke Bottles
Blown, etched glass; Tallest, 21cm x 9cm; 2019

Fresnel Bowls
Blown glass; Tallest, 28 cm x 16 cm; 2019

Incalmo Bottles
Blown Glass; Tallest, 30 cm x 13 cm; 2019

Studies in colour and light
Solid Sculpted, etched and polished glass; Largest, 9 cm x 20 cm; 2018

Memory Circles
Solid sculpted and polished glass, human remains; 6 cm x 3.5 cm; 2019

Array, Summa series
Blown and etched glass, assemblage; Tallest, 90 cm x 18 cm; 2020

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