Craft Awards - Eiko Emori Glass

Karla Rivera
The Pottery Supply House Clay and Glass Supply Grant

Karla is a ceramic artist born and raised in Mexico City. After some travelling, she moved to Hamilton Ontario. In 2021 Karla obtained a Bachelor of Craft and Design in Ceramics from Sheridan College.

In her work, she explores a path taken to search her inner being. Self-knowledge is a fundamental aspect of Karla's path as an artist, and it is with the help of clay and the use of different materials and composition, that she constantly evaluate things such as conduct or beliefs, and wonders where certain patterns that she follows came from.

In her current body of work, Karla takes an experimental approach to slip casting, where once more she examines themes of self-knowledge, the journey of challenging one’s assumptions and creating space for conversation.


Get off
Slip-cast and Porcelain; 8cm W, 20cm H, 8cm D, stand: 16cm W, 8cm, 9cm D; 2020

Slip-cast porcelain; 16cm W, 30 cm H, 16 cm D; 2019

My Duality
Slip-cast porcelain; 20 cm W x 19 cm H x 12 cm D; 2020

If it is contagious, it is hard to stop
Slip-cast porcelain; 11 cm W x 41 cm H x 8 cm D (each); 2020

Out of my reach
Slip-cast porcelain and earthenware; 20cm W x 25 cm H x 18cm D; 2021

Dance for Two
Slip-cast porcelain and Brick; 11 cm W x 24 cm H x 11 cm D (each); 2020

My Narrow Mind
Slip-cast porcelain and Earthenware; 26 cm W x 23 cm H x 24 cm D; 2021

Is That Memory Real?
Slip-cast porcelain and earthenware; 16 cm W x 23 cm H x 7 cm D (each); 2021

Hug me
Slip-casting and Stoneware; 39 cm W x 28 cm H x 18 cm D; 2021

10. “Belongings"
Slip-cast porcelain; 17 cm W x 24 cm H x 18 cm D; 2021

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