Craft Awards

Jennifer Popp
Pattie Walker Memorial Award in Architectural Glass

Jennifer Popp's stained glass designs show a deep respect for the natural world and features plants, animals and landscapes from her own environment. Using traditional glass paints, which are then kiln fired, she can render detailed hand painted stained glass and professional portraits. She has always strived to show the natural beauty that surrounds her. One of her life’s most meaningful purposes is to move and connect with others who share her love for colour and light through stained glass.



Painted stained glass, Aug-17 76 cm by 53 cm

The Potter
Painted stained glass, Aug-17 40cm by 35 cm

Field Of Poppies
Painted stained glass, Apr-17 99cm by 50cm

Woodland Mushroom Lamp
Original design of slumped and painted stained glass. Lamp base by Jette Hellroe., Jun-14 20cm by 43cm

Tiger Lilies
Painted stained glass, May-17 30cm by 30 cm

Custom Ravin Window
Hand painted stained glass, Jun-16 90cm by 75cm

Trillium Lake Pendant Lamp
Painted glass, slumped glass original designed lamp, Jan-17 48cm by 28cm

Lily Maiden
Painted stained glass, Apr-16 56cm by 56cm

Portrait of the movie Director
Painted stained glass, May-15 15cm by 15 cm

Custom Ravin Window
Painted stained glass, Feb-15 90cm by 75cm

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