Annie Tung

Recipient of the Kingcrafts/Lady Flavelle Scholarship

Native to Toronto, Annie Tung graduated from Ontario College of Art & Design University’s Jewellery/Metal program. She completed a three-year residency at Harboufront Centre’s Metal studio. She has been the recipient of more than 10 industry awards and grants and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Annie works in but is not limited to jewellery, sculpture and design. She starts with an idea and translates that into the medium and materials that suit it best, because a material translation offers new insights and possibilities.

Tung’s most current obsession is with ‘shunga’, which is Japanese for erotic art, a genre which originates from ancient Chinese medical illustrations. The main medium for shunga was through wood block prints, called ‘ukioy-e’ which also means ‘floating world’, referring to an evanescent world, fleeting beauty divorced from responsibilities of the everyday. Annie has a liberal palette to draw from and this fuels her work- metal, paper, drawing, gemstones, wood, paint, and more - her love of materials is evident. Tung’s work reflects her need for reincarnation, a constant change of seasons. She aims to combine delicacy and strength with intimacy and innocence, creating both uncomfortable and delightful discoveries for viewers.

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