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At Craft Ontario we celebrate Canadians and their Craft all year, every year. 
For CANADA 150 we’re extra excited! This month, we’re looking at our members' work from coast to coast, province by province.

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 There is so much to know about Canadian makers. Here’s just a glimpse at some of them.


Nicole Tremblay has been blowing glass since 1994. She runs her own shop in Canmore.
Dana Roman, Artacious has decades of experience in the fashion industry. Each of her scarves is individually hand painted.


Ted Jolda, Warthog Glassworks, is from Ladysmith, and is a long time member.
Madeleine Chisholm is from West Vancouver and works with sterling silver. She is one of our longest running shop vendors.

Joanna Lovett is from Burnaby, her vermeil maple leaf necklace and earrings are for true Canada fans.

Mikel Lefler is from Sechelt. Pictured here, roller printed sterling silver earrings.
Padraig Cottage is from North Vancouver. Their hand crocheted wool baby slippers with shearling inserts, are a hit and they employ over 40 craftspeople.

Stefanie Dueck is from Vancouver, working with cast stainless steel and bronze. Did you know cheese knives with holes are for soft cheese?

Jabu Bell is from Prince Rupert and creates Haida design, hummingbird motif rings.

Manitobah Mukluks is an Indigenous owned company from Winnipeg. Their suede moccasins with rabbit fur trim and beading details are a shop favourite. We only carry their inventory that is made in Canada.

Maurice Gamblin is from Bairdsville. He hand turns bowls and vases from local woods, like maple and birch.


James “Crow” Colbourne carves whale bone, ivory and caribou antler. He learned his craft from his father.


All of these items are supported, marketed and distributed by a northern Canada trading company who exclusively promotes craft from the territory.

Mary Akoakhioh made the stroud tea cozy with muskrat trim and embroidered details. Stroud is chosen for embroidery and beading because it holds the weight well.

Clara Klondike, Marie & Francine Kotchea make beaded accessories on stroud and traditionally smoked moose hide. Their techniques and styles are passed down through generations.


Mervi Haapakoski is now from English Town (she recently moved there last year) Yusun, our shop manager, has 23 of her glasses at home.

Basic Spirit, from Pugwash makes cast pewter tableware and accessories. They are a family run business and 10% of their profits go to philanthropic projects.


These artists are represented by a crown corp. of the Government of Nunavut. They are dedicated to marketing and generating revenue for Nunavut communities. 

Arviat makes sealskin mitts.
Sandy Maniapik is from Pangnirtung and works with ivory.
Mona Netser is from Coral Harbour, she make Oopik, the seal skin owl.

Lavinia Van Heuvelen is from Iqaluit and works with sterling silver. She and her mother are both artists represented at the shop. Currently, she has studio access at the Nunavut Arctic College. For northern artists, studio access can be a challenge, so we feel lucky to have her jewellery.
Isaac Sala is from Sanikiuaq and works with argillite stone and caribou antler.

Solomonie Kisa is from Qikiqtarjuaq working in the tradition of caribou antler figurine carving.


Andrew Sagutch is a Toronto maker working with deer hyde.

Jamie Bennett, Little Bellwoods of Toronto designs and makes soft toys. 

Jean Pierre Schoss, Dog Bite Steel, is from Uxbridge and makes upcycled steel objects with partner, Brenda.

Andree Chenier is from Toronto and works with sterling silver, gold and black diamonds.

Artech Glassblowing Studios is in Tory Hill. Their maple syrup carafe is made from upcycled beer bottles.

Cinelli & Maillet are from Toronto and cast sterling silver rings with enamelling.

Sarah Dobranowski is from Toronto. She uses lace to make molds for casting her sterling silver and rose gold jewellery.

Gabe Thirlwall is a Toronto maker. Justin Trudeau finger puppet is from ‘The Political Circus’ collection, a cast of politicians - heads filled with stuffing.

Irina Rapaport is from Toronto and makes jewellery with found objects. Her inspiration is anything and everything.

Grace Eunmi Lee is a Toronto ceramic artist. She likes to use gold lustre from South Korea as she prefers the richness of colour and the texture.
Joseph Panacci is from Simcoe, a long time ceramicist and perfectionist.
Mary Pheasant is from Wikwemikong. Mary represents and has introduced the shop to many craftspeople over the years. She, herself is an artist and self-taught illustrator and writer.

Eric Tardiff is from Gatineau. His walnut Heron is one piece of wood, split and steam bent. Steam bending means having about a 15 seconds window for the maker to manipulate the wood.

Karel Aelterman is from Val-des-Monts. He uses various woods such as maple, black walnut and mahogany.

Lisa Creskey is from Chelsea and she uses clay in a way of envisioning three dimensional paintings.

Ivan Dobren is a Montreal jeweller who works in sterling silver, gold and precious stones. He designs unusual, asymmetrical settings.

Rob Froese is from Moose Jaw. His ceramic bowls are produces in two studios, one in Moose Jaw, the other in Japan. His work is very much inspired

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